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Keep in mind that sacrificing temporary pleasure now will make it possible for you to avoid great pain later. Move from relating to your parents as authority figures to interacting with them as friends. Ask God to help you develop a strong character and reputation. Just do the best you can to please God when you work.If you’re still living at home with your parents, make sure that you’re working at least as much as they are. Keep in mind that learning how to think well is a greater college goal than just getting good grades. While you should devote most of your time and energy to your relationship with God and then your academic pursuits, it’s also important to take advantage of opportunities such as internships, mission trips, student organizations, and special events that can help you grow.So the women asked photographer Karizza to heavily edit their bodies to show just how misleading pictures can be.They then shared the results on their Instagram accounts.Carnie Wilson spoke candidly about an upsetting experience she encountered on The Howard Stern Show during her Tuesday, November 8, appearance on The Talk.The 49-year-old singer claimed she was secretly weighed and fat-shamed while on the radio show in 1999.

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But rather than focusing on searching for the right person to marry, focus on becoming the right person yourself so you can attract the right kind of spouse.He raved about the Performance Inspired Nutrition creatine and BCAAs that he takes after spending the […] Lea Michele spent Halloween on the couch watching scary movies with a takeaway pizza. “I keep my home completely vegan, which I think is one of the most important things,” The Mayor actress told Us Weekly at a recent ABC event.“If you keep your home […] Bahar Takhtehchian, a lifestyle expert and the founder of Bahartak.com, shares her tips for surviving the holiday season with your waistline intact. In particular, unsaturated fats — found in avocados, almonds, and walnuts — increase satiety, improve insulin metabolism and help your body to absorb […] Speaking out.SEE ALSO: College Kids and Credit Cards: A Deadly Duo Expect that you’ll encounter moral challenges, too, in the form of all sorts of temptations to sin.But you can overcome temptation if you stay close to God in prayer and remember that it’s worthwhile to sacrifice sinful pleasures so you can later enjoy the greater pleasures that come from living faithfully.

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